Testi Track 3 - Plans

Track 3 - Plans
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Data di rilascio: 04.07.2019
Linguaggio delle canzoni: inglese

Track 3

You resonate through my bone structure
Like all of the flaws that came before
Now the echoes don’t sound like they should
Your voice doesn’t sound like you anymore
A conversation the length of two cigarettes
But I’m sick of wasting breath on you
I found myself back where I started again
Killing myself to escape your noose
I thought I’m better, I’m not
Woke up winded in cold sweat again
From dreams of things that I’m too late to fix
And even if I stopped you from caving in
There’s nothing I could’ve done
You broke at the bend
I tried my hardest just to hold you together
But you started falling apart
I built a home because you left the lights on
And now I’m stumbling around in the dark
How can I give you what I can’t even give myself?
I felt my head cave in
Wanna remember how to forget
So what the fuck is your problem? Cause I’m spent
I thought I’m better, I’m not

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