Testi Servilia - War On Women

Servilia - War On Women
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Data di rilascio: 08.11.2018
Limiti di età: 18+
Linguaggio delle canzoni: inglese


Just like the virgin queen with foreign kings proposing
I forget to breathe. I wonder what I really owe my beloved country
Sacrifice these needs for the good of many
Who benefits from a leader, a lover, stuck ruling all her enemies
If I leave I’ll come back in one piece
I’ll come running through enemy lines
Never mind who decides, they’re all enemies
Just like a martyr, to be forced to stop
Might ease me through that of which I know not
And are you innocent in all of this, Good Samaritan?
Stand by, bystander, or make the whole world one green dot
If you hear this ballad, then I must be on my way
Don’t believe them when they say, «I don’t need you»

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Testi dell'artista: War On Women