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John the Revelator - Madison
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Data di rilascio: 20.03.2009
Linguaggio delle canzoni: inglese

John the Revelator

Upon the Isle of Patmus\nOne man was cast one day\nAs he was left alone to die\nHe began to pray\nThe Holy Ghost fell on him\nThe Spirit, he came down\nWell he began to write about the things he saw\nThe Revelator’s name was John\nTalkin' 'bout John the revelator\nHe saw Jerusalem coming down\nYes it was John the Revelator\nAnd when he looked around\nHe saw feet like brass\nEyes like fire\nHeard a great voice saying\nCome up higher\nHe was John the Revelator\nHe wrote about the city of God\nWhile in the Spirit praying\nJohn turned around to see\nIf the voice he had heard\nWas what it seemed to be Just like many waters\nA great trumpet sound\nWell he said I am the first and last\nThe Revelator wrote it down\nRepeat Chorus (x3)

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Testi dell'artista: Madison