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The Crow, Pt. 1 - Shahmen
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Data di rilascio: 29.02.2024
Limiti di età: 18+
Linguaggio delle canzoni: inglese

The Crow, Pt. 1

Maybe we should uh…\nWhat should we do?\nThe eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn from the crow\nDay is long\nBut the night is weak\nFound myself all alone in the zone while I write to beats\nAnd let the black ink bleed against the whitest sheets\nAnd let the story be told through the eyes of me\nToo tired to sleep\nI set fire to the liar in me\nCrow on a wire couldn’t find him a tree\nOnly found was a pile of weed\nJust smiled and decided to eat\nNow I always keep a pile with me\nStill a child in the wild with beasts\nWho made a style from the Nile of grief\nFreestyles through the miles of me\nSpin a spiral that be dialed to me\nAre you smiling\nAre you crying to sleep?\nWell me, I’m just trying to breathe\nIn a world where the foulest lead\nKeep stuffing in the mouth of greed\nWe cook old like it’s alchemy\nRemain strong\n'Till the day that the faith is gone\nThat’s the day I’ma face it all\nI maybe wrong, but today I’m just pacing on\nI’m gonna make me a name in a song\nSon of God\nBut the devil’s just the same 'n all\n'Cept the difference in the ways we fought\nRead the book and then I made the call\nI ain’t really have to think at all\nThoughts sank and I blazed it off\nNow I wait across\nThe river, knee-high, ready to fall\nBut my brother’s there to push me along\nI had a dream I never met him at all\nWoke up staring at the mirror on the wall\nSo clear what I saw\nIt wasn’t a mirror, it was me all along\nI shed a tear for the fear that was gone\nInstead I’m here and now you’re hearing a song

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