Testi King Of Love - Johnny Cash

King Of Love - Johnny Cash
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Data di rilascio: 28.12.1972
Linguaggio delle canzoni: inglese

King Of Love

He wants to own your heart\nHe already owns your soul\nNo matter what you do He’s always in control\nAnd when he calls your name you have to follow\nLike moths into a flame, no fear or sorrow will fall upon you\nYou belong to the King of Love\nHe wants to know your thoughts\nHe already knows your mind\nNo matter where you are\nYou’re someone he’ll always find\nHis very mention brings the slightest shudder\nDeep inside you know there is no other as skilled and tender\nJust surrender to the King of Love\nBut when the night falls down, he will not wear a crown\nNo jewels upon his hands, he is just a man\nHe wants to rule your world\nHe already rules your dreams\nNo matter what you want\nHe’ll never make you Queen\nStill when he calls your name you have to answer\nAnd when his music plays you are a dancer for him the only\nNever lonely, King of Love\nFor him the only, never lonely, King of Love

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