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  • generi: Иностранный рэп и хип-хоп, Иностранный рок, Ню-метал
  • Paese: Stati Uniti d'America
  • Lingua: inglese

Elenco dei testi

Dribble2Much ft. Problem 2019
Getting Loose ft. Curren$y, Problem 2019
Don't Be Mad At Me 2020
By The Pound ft. DJ Hoppa, Problem 2021
Smokin' And Ridin' ft. Problem, BJ The Chicago Kid 2013
Say That Then ft. 2 Chainz 2015
Dare You 2 Move ft. Problem 2014
Gin and Drugs ft. Problem 2018
Bout Me ft. Problem, Iamsu! 2019
I Don't Want Her ft. Problem 2014
Smokin Drink ft. Problem 2019
Like Whaaat (Bad Lucc) ft. Bad Lucc 2013
I'm Feelin ft. Problem, Juicy J, J.R. Donato 2019
I Love You ft. BJ The Chicago Kid 2016
Walk Thru ft. Rich Homie Quan 2014
Let The Blunt Go ft. Chris Brown, Problem 2013
Real as You Think [Produced by Cardo, Co-Produced by Beat Butcha] ft. Problem, Curren$y 2019
100 Bottles ft. Problem 2019
Pacc Talk ft. Problem, Juicy J 2019
Shut Up ft. Berner, Chris Brown, Problem 2014
Every Ghetto, Pt. 2 ft. Aloe Blacc, Problem 2020
Last Love 2011
Double Dip ft. Ty Dolla $ign 2011
You Playin' (This Could Be Us) ft. The Game, Problem, Eric Bellinger 2014
F*ck Me Too ft. Problem feat. Casanova, 1TakeJay, Saviii 3rd 2018
Jelly ft. Problem 2012
Bedroom Bully ft. Problem 2018
Don't Trip Lightwork ft. Problem, Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Winning ft. Problem 2017
Who Got It ft. Problem 2015
Problem ft. Problem 2016
Fact Check ft. Jay 305, Problem 2019
Far From Me ft. Problem 2018
Drop That Bitch ft. ScHoolboy Q, Problem, Kurupt 2016
Motivated ft. Problem 2016
On Me ft. Problem 2012
Compton ft. Problem 2016
Enemy ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Lean and Weed ft. Problem 2013
Ftsoy ft. 12Til 2015
Admire ft. Problem, Tank 2018
Finna Bust ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Show Sumn ft. Freddie Gibbs, Jay Rock, Problem 2013
Night & Day ft. Problem, Wiz Khalifa 2019
Relapse 2015
You Are Everything ft. Problem 2017
No More 2015
Problems ft. T.I., B.o.B, Problem 2013
Servin ft. Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Broke Down the Weed 3 2015
Use 2 ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Automatic ft. Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
New Bitch ft. Stoney Tha Dealer, Bad Lucc 2015
Bet That ft. Problem 2018
Feedback ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Still Mine 2015
White Riviera ft. Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
You Are Everythhing ft. Problem 2016
Look ft. Tyga, Nelly, Problem 2013
Maxx Out ft. Problem, Dizzy Wright, Casey Veggies 2013
Bad Bitch ft. Spodee, Problem, T.I. 2013
Go- Problem 2004
Or Nah ft. Too Short, Eric Bellinger, Problem 2014
Bad Boy ft. Johny Rocketz, Problem, Sabryna 2017
Wid It ft. Dj.Fresh, The Worlds Freshest, Freddie Gibbs 2014
Straight to the City ft. Problem 2017
This Is Your Moment ft. Problem, Wiz Khalifa, Buddy 2017
Stressin 2018
Take It off One Time ft. Problem, Bad Lucc, Bryan J 2017
Unfollow Me Bitch ft. Problem 2016
Teach Me ft. Problem 2019
No Fun ft. Problem 2013
Roped Off ft. Problem, Boogie 2016
Hella Good ft. Problem 2016
Get On That ft. Iamsu! 2013
Change Up ft. Iamsu! 2013
100 Grand ft. Iamsu!, Juvenile, Kool John 2013
Ugh ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Problem 2013
Get Off Me ft. Problem, Darrein Safron 2016
Turn Down For What ft. Problem, Clyde Carson 2013
Dance All Night ft. Problem 2013
Something Else ft. Problem, Murs, Ill Camille 2013
Deaf Ears ft. Airplane James 2017
TD ft. Problem 2013
Did It for the Culture 2017
Melrose ft. Uncle Chucc 2017
Say No ft. Problem 2013
Don't Want No Smoke ft. Taxstone 2017
All Year 2017
Play 2017
Don't Belong to You 2017
Understand Me ft. Iamsu! 2013
I Need It ft. Iamsu! 2013
Wild Nights 2018
Stop Talkin 2019
Keep On Pushin' ft. My Princess Aeryn 2017
Ain't Fuh Me ft. YOU 2017
Thangs ft. Wiz Khalifa, Iamsu! 2018
Busy ft. Rucci 2018
BLB ft. French Montana 2018
Outta Pocket ft. Iamsu!, Problem 2012
All About U ft. LNDN DRGS, Sean House, Problem 2019
S2 2018
Multiply ft. YBN Cordae, Mozzy 2018
About That Time 2018
Put It Down ft. 03 Greedo 2018
Take Ya Tights Off 2012
The TurNup Is Real 2012
Call Again ft. Problem, Juicy J 2019
Brand New Bitch ft. Cousin Fik, Suga Free 2012
I'm Cool 2018
So Disrespectful ft. P. Diddy 2018
All I Do ft. Jinsu, Problem 2016
The Way I Did / Ratchet Love ft. Nick Grant 2018
Chase ft. Dave East, Fabolous 2018
D2B ft. Bad Lucc, The Homegirl 2012
Karma 2018
Take Ya Tights Off 2 ft. Eric Bellinger 2018
Talk My Shit ft. Casha 2012
Diamond Lane 2018
Family Ties 2020
Up on the Wall ft. Problem, Ty Dolla $ign, YG 2016
Make Me Say "Ay Yi Yi" ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Fuckin Money 2016
Team Up 2013
The Beginning 2013
Rollin ft. Bad Lucc 2012
Function ft. Chris Brown, French Montana, Problem 2013
TurNup 2012
Late To The Party ft. Problem, Mike, Keys 2021
Trippin 2012
Chevy ft. Problem, David Cash, Clide Carson 2018
Broke Down The Weed II 2012
Big God ft. Trouble, Problem 2017
I'm Burnt ft. Snoop Dogg, Problem, E-40 2011
Bout Mine ft. Wiz Khalifa 2013
The Separation 2013
Roll Up ft. T.I., Snoop Dogg 2013
Best Pussy 2016
Check ft. T.I., Problem, Young Dro 2014
Drop That ft. A2thaK 2013
I Be On 2013
Bang Bang ft. Bad Lucc, The Game 2013
Phone 2013
On Deck ft. J. Valentine 2013
Lay Your Head Back ft. Chris Brown, Tank, Terrace Martin 2013
Do It ft. Tyga 2013
Relax ft. Problem 2018
Make It Happen ft. Iamsu! 2013
Ain't Mine ft. Young Dolph 2015
Made A Mil Before The Summer ft. Bad Lucc, Kent Jamz 2013
Get Naked 2013
Get On It ft. Bad Lucc 2017
Falls Down ft. Problem, Badd Lucc 2014
Get It Girl 2014
Me So Cool ft. Problem, Yummy, Yakki 2014
I Need A Grammy ft. Problem, Quick Flip 2014
Just Wanna Be Loved ft. Problem, Freddie Gibbs 2015
Drop That Sh*t ft. Problem 2012
Stop It ft. Problem, Bad Lucc 2014
Upside Down ft. Nipsey Hussle, Problem 2008
Andale ft. Lil Jon 2015
Stingy 2018
Rosecrans ft. Problem, The Game, Candace Boyd 2016
A New Nite / Rosecrans Grove ft. DJ Quik, Shy Carter 2016
She Not Mines ft. Problem 2014
My Squad 2016
Straight to the City with It ft. Problem 2016
Lonely ft. Jr Writer, Problem, Gudda Gudda 2014
Thuggin In My Yesterdays ft. Bad Lucc 2015
Wake Up (Interlude) ft. Slick 2015
Show Off ft. Manolo Rose, Bad Lucc 2015
Waist My Time ft. Iamsu!, Bad Lucc, Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Best Thing I Can Be ft. Problem 2011
This Is My Life ft. Ad 2015
Decision ft. Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Everybody Know ft. A2thaK 2015
I'm Toe Up ft. Snoop Dogg, Problem, Kurupt 2010
Take Me Away ft. Micah, Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Cali Girls Love Trap Music ft. Stoney Tha Dealer, Gold Franko 2015
Lovin You Right ft. Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Rode Music 2015
I Know It ft. Omarion 2015
Wrong 2015
Ain't Worried ft. Iamsu!, Bad Lucc, Stoney Tha Dealer 2015
Cameltoe ft. Tony P, Bleezy 2015
I Just Wanna Be Loved ft. CASHOUT, Freddie Gibbs, Bad Lucc 2015
50 Shades of Grey 2015
Tricky (Backstreet in Compton) 2016
Check In (Intro) ft. Kevin McCall 2016
She Like That 2016
Let Em Die 2013
Slow Down (Doin' Too Much) ft. Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, DeRay Davis 2016
Again ft. eat. Ne-Yo, Candace Boyd 2016
Moment of Clarity 2013
Let Me Know 2016
Stop Playin' ft. Mars 2013
Twerk ft. Bad Lucc 2013
Singin' From My Heart 2013
Spend the Night ft. Bad Lucc, Bryan J 2016
How the Game Goes ft. Snoop Dogg 2016
Check Out ft. Kevin McCall 2016
Heartbreak Hotel (On God) 2016
Shit Need to Change, Pt. 2 2016
The Molly Song ft. Problem 2012
Thug 4 U ft. Problem, Jay Worthy 2017
Tried It ft. Problem 2015
Mentor ft. Problem 2020
Yeah Hoe ft. Problem, LiL Boss 2015
I'ma Ride ft. Problem 2018
California Rari ft. Future, Young Thug, Problem 2014
Good Pussy ft. YG 2011
My Ex 2011
Hotels 2011
Standing Ovation 2021
Lionel Richy 2021
Potion ft. Bad Lucc, E-40 2011
Double Dip (Clean) ft. Ty Dolla $ign 2011
Outchea ft. Problem 2014
On Momas ft. Problem, TeeFLii 2014
Privacy ft. Problem 2019
Hennessy ft. Problem, Rich Homie Quan 2015
Complacent ft. Problem 2013
Set It Off ft. Problem, Badd Lucc 2014
Ooh ft. Problem 2019
T.H.O.T. ft. Problem, Bad Lucc 2014
Secondary ft. Problem 2013
Ain't No Santa ft. Problem 2013
Money Bag ft. Problem 2014
Talkin Too Much 2013
Good Time ft. Problem 2014
D.R.U.G.S. ft. Clyde Carson, Berner 2012
Definition of a Fuck Nigga ft. Problem, Lil Debbie 2016
Best Pu$$y 2016
Bad B**ch ft. Problem, Spodee, Young Dro 2014
Aint Fuh Me ft. YOU 2017
Top Off ft. Airplane James 2017
Ain't Like You ft. Ne-Yo, Terrace Martin 2017
Selfish 2017
I Don't Like To Think ft. Problem 2016
Man Enough ft. RoSe Gold 2017
Akup ft. Tyga, Problem 2012
Living Good (R.I.P. Jen) ft. Iamsu!, Nipsey Hussle 2017
Mission Statement 2017
On Mamas ft. Problem, TeeFLii 2014
She Knows ft. Problem 2015
Bout That Life ft. Problem, Casey Veggies 2012
Last Love (Clean) 2011
#iWantDat ft. Problem, Bad Lucc 2016
World on Wheels ft. Airplane James 2019
G Shit 2020
Luckiest Man ft. Problem 2014
D2B (Dick 2 Bomb) ft. Bad Lucc, The Homegirl 2016
Let Her Go ft. Sage The Gemini, Problem 2014