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Grand Puba
    Questa pagina contiene - testi di 56 per artista/gruppo Grand Puba.
  • generi: Рэп и хип-хоп, Танцевальная музыка, Соул
  • Paese: Stati Uniti d'America
  • Lingua: inglese

Elenco dei testi

My Struggles ft. Mary J. Blige, Grand Puba 2005
Let's Get It On ft. 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Grand Puba 1993
Actual Facts ft. Sadat X, Large Professor, Grand Puba 1996
A Little Of This 1995
I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are) 1995
I Like It 2010
What's The 411? ft. Grand Puba 2019
2000 1995
Once Again (Here To Kick One For You) ft. Grand Puba, Sadat X 1998
Keep On 1995
Don't Waste My Time 1995
Very Special 1995
Amazing 1995
The Corner, The Streets ft. Grand Puba 2006
Skins ft. Grand Puba 1992
Playin The Game 1995
Play It Cool 1995
Back Stabbers 1995
Change Gonna Come 1995
It's Over 2016
Think of U ft. Grand Puba 2016
Respect ft. Grand Puba 2016
Be Mine 2016
Yard ft. Grand Puba 2016
Magic Man ft. Grand Puba 2016
Do the One 2016
Mind Your Business 2005
360 (What Goes Around) 1992
Bread & Butter ft. Grand Puba, Sadat X 2005
Get Up ft. Grand Puba 2015
UDK 2016
Original 2016
Tap Out 2016
Same Old Drama ft. Large Professor 2009
Brand New Bein' ft. Lord Jamar, Grand Puba 2009
Young Son ft. Brand Nubian, Sadat X, Lord Jamar 2009
Still Livin' In The Ghetto ft. Sadat X, Starr, Lord Jamar 2009
Who Wanna Be A Star? (It's Brand Nu Baby!) ft. Brand Nubian, Sadat X, Lord Jamar 2009
I See Dead People ft. Rell, Lord Jamar 2009
Good To Go ft. Q-Tip 2009
Proper Education 1992
Just Don't Learn ft. Brand Nubian, Sadat X, Lord Jamar 2009
Baby, What's Your Name ? 1992
That's How We Move It 1992
Big Kids Don't Play 1992
Reel To Reel 1992
Lickshot 1992
Check It Out ft. Mary J. Blige 2020
Back It Up 1992
Grand Puba ft. Grand Puba 2018
Soul Controller 1992
Check Tha Resume 1992
Ya Know How It Goes 1992
Understand This 2001
Honey Don't Front 1992
How Long? 2009