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Buddy Guy
    Questa pagina contiene - testi di 269 per artista/gruppo Buddy Guy.
  • generi: Поп, Джаз, Блюз
  • Paese: Stati Uniti d'America
  • Lingua: inglese, gallese, Swahili
  • Sito ufficiale: www.buddyguy.net

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Elenco dei testi

What Kind Of Woman Is This? 2013
Five Long Years 1999
Stone Crazy 2009
Whiskey, Beer & Wine 2015
Ain't No Sunshine ft. Tracy Chapman 2013
Miss Ida B 1999
74 Years Young 2010
What You Gonna Do About Me ft. Beth Hart 2013
Snatch It Back and Hold It ft. Buddy Guy 2011
Blue No More ft. James Bay 2018
Where The Blues Begins ft. Carlos Santana 2010
Too Many Tears ft. Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi 2013
Cognac ft. Jeff Beck, Keith Richards 2018
Feels Like Rain ft. Bonnie Raitt 1999
Ships On The Ocean ft. Junior Wells 2003
The Blues Is Alive And Well 2018
Mustang Sally ft. Jeff Beck 1999
Damn Right, I've Got the Blues 1999
Hoodoo Man Blues ft. Junior Wells 2003
In The Wee Hours ft. Junior Wells 2003
Born To Play Guitar 2015
Six Strings Down ft. Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray 2018
Mary Had a Little Lamb 1999
The Devil's Daughter 2013
Wear You Out ft. Billy Gibbons 2015
Everytime I Sing the Blues ft. Eric Clapton 2013
I Go By Feel 2013
Skin Deep ft. Derek Trucks 2013
I Put a Spell On You ft. Carlos Santana 2013
A Man of Many Words ft. Junior Wells 2004
Turn Me Wild 2015
You Did The Crime ft. Mick Jagger 2018
One Day Away ft. Keith Urban 2013
One Room Country Shack 1999
I Love the Life I Live 2003
Show Me The Money 2013
Stay Around A Little Longer ft. B.B. King 2010
On A Saturday Night 2013
Evil Twin ft. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford 2013
Come Back Muddy 2015
Back Up Mama 2015
Now You're Gone 2013
Money (That's What I Want) 1989
What's Up with That Woman 2013
In the Wee Wee Hours ft. Buddy Guy 2011
A Man And The Blues 1999
$ 100 Bill 2019
Blue Monday ft. Junior Wells 2006
Every Day I Have The Blues ft. Junior Wells 2007
The Things That I Used to Do 2017
Have You Ever Been Lonesome 2008
Out Of Sight ft. Junior Wells 2006
Texas Flood 2008
I Didn't Know My Mother Had A Son Like Me 2008
Love Is Like Quicksand 2008
Leave My Girl Alone 2020
You Can Make It If You Try 2008
I Cry And Sing The Blues 2020
I didn´t know my mother 1997
My time after a while 1997
Going To School 2020
Keep it to myself 1997
Woman Blues ft. Buddy Guy, Junior Wells 2014
Satisfaction ft. Junior Wells 2006
Everyday I Have the Blues ft. Buddy Guy, Junior Wells 2014
Stormy Monday ft. Buddy Guy, Junior Wells 2014
Out of Site ft. Junior Wells 2006
She's A Superstar 1999
Out of Sight '64 ft. Junior Wells 2009
She's Nineteen Years Old 1999
Midnight Train ft. Jonny Lang 1999
Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In) 1999
I Need Your Love So Bad 1999
I Smell Trouble 1999
Hoodoo Man ft. Junior Wells 1988
Innocent Man/ Mannish Boy/ Backdoor Man 1999
Done Got over You 2007
The Things I Used to Do - Live 2007
Can't Break Me ft. Buddy Guy, Shareefa 2005
No Lie 2010
I Could Cry ft. The Bluesbreakers, Buddy Guy 1993
Let Me Love You ft. Buddy Guy 2017
Mother-In-Law-Blues 1998
The Way You Been Treatin' Me 2019
Early in the Morning ft. Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton 2005
There Is Something on Your Mind 2005
Where Is the Next One Coming From ft. Mark Knopfler 2005
Lawdy Lawdy ft. Junior Wells 1988
Too Broke to Spend the Night 2005
Black Night 2005
When You See the Tears from My Eyes ft. Junior Wells, Bill Wyman, Pinetop Perkins 2015
Checking On My Baby 2005
I Pity The Fool ft. Buddy Guy 1992
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man ft. Junior Mance, Junior Wells 2010
Damn Right I Got The Blues 2012
Country Boy 2012
Boom Boom/Strange Brew 2012
The Things I Used to Do ft. Junior Wells
Best Damn Fool 2021
The Garbage Man Blues 2007
Good News 2007
Blues at My Baby's House 2007
Mellow Down 2007
She Suits Me to a T 2007
DJ Play My Blues 2007
Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes ft. Quinn Sullivan 2013
I Found Happiness 2013
That's My Home ft. Robert Randolph 2013
Lyin' Like A Dog 2013
Out In The Woods ft. Robert Randolph 2013
100$ Bill (Money) 2012
Let The Door Knob Hit Ya 2010
Guess What 2010
Hammer And A Nail 2013
Too Soon 2010
I Got Eyes on You 2016
Living Proof 2010
Everybody's Got To Go 2010
Let Me Love You Baby, Pt. 2 1997
Key Don't Fit 2010
On The Road 2010
First Time I Met the Blues, Pt. 2 1997
Thank Me Someday 2010
Stone Cold 2011
When My Left Eyes Jumps 1997
I Found a True Love, Pt. 2 1997
Ten Years Ago, Pt. 2 1997
Messinwith the Kid ft. Junior Wells 2011
Stop Breaking Down ft. Otis Spann, Louis Myers, Junior Wells 2015
Hoochie Coochie Man ft. Junior Wells
Nine Below Zero 2018
(Baby) You Got What It Takes ft. Joss Stone 2015
Kiss Me Quick ft. Kim Wilson 2015
Crying Out Of One Eye 2015
Crazy World 2015
Smarter Than I Was 2015
Too Late ft. Kim Wilson 2015
I Can't Quit the Blues 1999
Knock On Wood 1999
Vehicle ft. Buddy Guy 2003
24 Hours Of The Day 1999
Don't Know Which Way To Go 1962
Things I Used To Do 1999
Hold That Plane 1999
Lay Lady Lay ft. Anthony Hamilton, Robert Randolph 2013
I've Got Dreams To Remember ft. John Mayer 2013
Cut You Loose 2013
Do Your Thing 2013
Well I Done Got Over It 2013
When My Left eye Jump 2019
Ninety Nine and One Half 2013
Cheaper To Keep Her / Blues In The Night 2013
Every Girl I See 2020
Justifyin' 2013
I Could Die Happy 2013
Best in Town 2013
My Mama Loved Me 2013
Whiskey Ghost 2013
Blues Don't Care ft. Gary Clark, Jr. 2013
Meet Me in Chicago 2013
Too Damn Bad 2013
Help Me Some ft. Buddy Guy 2003
All That Makes Me Happy Is the Blues 2013
How Long Blues ft. Memphis Slim 2003
Talkin' 'Bout Women Obviously ft. Junior Mance, Junior Wells 2010
I Got Strange Feeling 2019
100$ (Money) 1995
Good Times ft. Buddy Guy 2018
You Don't Love Me, Baby ft. Buddy Guy 2011
He's Gonna Do You In ft. Buddy Guy 2004
Good Morning Schoolgirl ft. Buddy Guy 2011
Yonder Wall ft. Buddy Guy 2011
Hoodoo Man Blues (Alternative) ft. Buddy Guy 2011
Hey Lawdy Mama ft. Buddy Guy 2011
Messin’ With the Kid ft. Junior Wells 2020
Can't See Baby 2003
Hard Time Killing Floor 2003
You Don'T Love Me 1999
I'm Ready 1999
You Don't Love Me Baby ft. Junior Wells 2003
Hello San Francisco 1999
First Time I Met the Blues (Rerecorded) 2015
Old Fashioned 2018
When My Day Comes 2018
Broken Hearted Blues (Rerecorded) 2015
Stone Crazy (Rerecorded) 2015
End Of The Line 2018
Somebody Up There 2018
Milking Muther For Ya 2018
A Few Good Years 2018
Ooh Daddy 2018
Whiskey For Sale 2018
Guilty As Charged 2018
Bad Day 2018
Lucy Mae Blues ft. Eric Clapton 2003
Black Cat Blues 2003
Hoodoo Man Blues (From "Chicago Blues") ft. Junior Wells 1995
Country Girl (From "Chicago Blues") ft. Junior Wells 1995
This Is the End ("Beginnings - Middles - Ends") 2012
Sweet Little Angel 1999
Messin' With The Kid Ft. Junior Wells ft. Junior Wells 2006
Sit And Cry(The Blues) 2015
Sittin' and Cryin' the Blues 2013
Love Her With A Feeling 2008
Man Of Many Words 2008
Some Kind Of Wonderful ft. Paul Rodgers 1993
Little Dab-A-Doo 2008
7-11 2008
Trouble Man 1993
Change In The Weather ft. Travis Tritt 1993
Country Man 1993
Sufferin' Mind 1993
Sit and Cry (The Blue) 2013
Don't Tell Me About The Blues 2008
Cities Need Help 2008
Feelin' Good/What I'd Say ft. Junior Wells 2003
I Go Crazy 1993
The First Time I Met the Blues 2014
Trouble Blues 2008
Please Don't Drive Me Away 2008
Keep It To Myself (aka Keep It To Yourself) 2020
I Didn’t Know My Mother (She Suits Me To A Tee alternate) 2020
I'm In the Mood ft. Junior Wells 2014
Everyday I Have The Blues - Woman's Blues ft. Junior Wells 2006
Worry, Worry 1989
Barefootin' ft. Junior Wells 2006
(You Give Me) Fever 1999
Tramp 2003
Jam On A Monday Morning 1989
Just Playing My Axe 1989
Mary Ann 1993
I Need You Tonight 2003
Bad Bad Whiskey ft. Junior Wells 2004
Sweet Home Chicago ft. Junior Wells 2004
Done Got Old 2003
You Give Me Fever 2005
It's A Jungle Out There 2003
Stay All Night 2003
Stormy Monday Blues 2005
Baby Please Don't Leave Me 2003
T-Bone Shuffle ft. Junior Wells 2004
D.J. Play My Blues 2012
My Baby She Left Me (She Lets Me a Mule to Ride) ft. Junior Wells 2004
I've Got My Eyes On You 1999
Talk To Me Baby 1999
I Gotta Try You Girl 2003
Sweet Black Angel (Black Angel Blues) 1999
Damn Right I've Got The Blues 1999
Ain't That Lovin' You 1999
Rollin' and Tumblin' ft. Junior Wells 2014
Diggin' My Potatoes ft. Junior Wells 2014
High Heel Sneakers ft. Junior Wells 2014
Boogie Chillen ft. Junior Wells 2014
I've Got News For You 1999
Give Me My Coat and Shoes ft. Junior Wells 2014
I'm Not The Best 1999
You Were Wrong 1999
Fever 2005
Thick Like Mississippi Mud 2015
When The Time Is Right 2003
Are You Lonely For Me Baby 2003
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ft. Junior Wells 2015
Let Me Show You 2003
Did Somebody Make A Fool Out Of You 2003
Heavy Love 2003
I Just Want To Make Love To You 2003
I Got A Problem 2003
Had A Bad Night 2003
Saturday Night Fish Fry 2003